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W. SCOTT FORBES! ‘Nuff said.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011


Hey All!

I just received the final version of the cover art for my next pitch. W. Scott Forbes knocked it out of the park! I’m not gonna lie, I had no concept for the cover. I was absolutely impressed when Scott came up with this within a week of reading the script which I’ve been working on for six weeks.

I also wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at a panel of the interior art. Vic Malhotra is bringing this story to life. This panel perfectly illustrates the tone of the story and of the character.

In a couple more days this pitch is off to the races! Let’s hope it’s a winner.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Another update!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a sneak peak at a rough cover concept for another pitch of mine. The cover art is being done by the one and only W. Scott Forbes (Forgetless and 27 covers). And this is just a rough concept! I can’t wait to show you all the final version. You can view more of Scott’s beautiful work at

The interior pages are looking outstanding thanks to Vic Malhotra, a hot new talent that is on the verge of making a name for himself in the industry. He also has some beautiful work posted almost daily on his blog

Again, thanks for stopping by and I’ll keep you up to date with the status of my projects.


Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Hey All!

Kurtis Wiebe, Ryan Lindsay, and myself are proud to announce the launch of our brand new podcast THE PROCESS! It’s a in-depth but fun discussion for anyone wanting to learn more about writing for comic books. You can download episode 1 here from iTunes:

Thanks for tuning in and go follow @ImageAddiction. Those guys are truly great.






Monday, July 18th, 2011

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover art for my next pitch. Don’t ask me how I got the amazing Riley Rossmo to sign on and present me with this stunning cover because I’m STILL surprised.

Let’s hope this’ll be enough for the submission staffs that I’ve sent this to to continue reading. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for potential developments with this project.


Saturday, July 16th, 2011

For all of you who don’t know, Twitter is now the official word. Today’s word was brought to us by Kurtis Wiebe, where he stated that our podcast “The Process” has officially found a home! I’m proud to announce that the wonderful gents over at Image Addiction have been gracious enough to host our unique chat. I can’t wait for you all to tune in! I’ll be posting more details as I get them.

Check out their great site dedicated to all things Image Comics here:


Friday, July 15th, 2011

When it comes to comic books, nothing is perfect. Sure, there will be perfect panels here, amazing layouts there, but ask any comic book artist and they’ll admit to seeing flaws in their work. And I’m talking about the ones that see their work consistently published.

I wanted to share with you the progression of the cover art for my first graphic novel. It still surprises me when I think about the first time I saw the first cover concept by the talented David James Cole. I was blown away. That was until I saw it get refined and polished months later. You can check out David’s work at

As you can see, logo design was a mere afterthought at the very beginning. The temporary logo in the second draft was good, but it clearly didn’t pop. Only when we decided to cut away at the cover with the black borders, did the logo become the crucial part in polishing the overall design. Evidently by the end, it redefined the cover. Props go 100% to my good friend, Kevin Dazet. Check out his brilliance at

The worst thing any creator can do is think they’ve done it perfect the first time. Give yourself room to grow. You might be surprised how big you can really get.


Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my first personal blog site. You can check in to see my various new comic book projects that are currently seeking publication. More on that soon.

What I can share is that I’m launching a new podcast with Kurtis Wiebe (writer of Image’s GREEN WAKE and THE INTREPIDS) and Ryan K. Lindsay (staff writer for CBR) entitled “The Process.” We’re aiming to have it be a bi-weekly discussion about writing for comic books from the perspective of comic book writers. We’re currently ironing out details on which site will be hosting our rather unique podcast. Details very soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to share some really amazing art from my next two pitches that are in production as we speak.