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Introducing S.A.M. (Please RT!)

Monday, September 16th, 2013


Hey All,

I’m excited to unveil the first (of five) brand new teasers in the lead up to After Houdini #2. For Houdini-buffs out there, it’s no secret that Harry founded the Society of American Magicians, but to AH readers this historical fraternity will play a very important role in the story that everyone will enjoy.

Multiversity Comics is promoting the campaign so check back with them every couple weeks for the next one!

For anyone that hasn’t read the series yet, now’s the time to jump on board with the full-color version that’s now available for digital download at Read Challenger.

I have the amazing talent of Kendall Goode to thank for illuminating these already amazing pages with his colors, and am thrilled to have him join Team AH. I also have Kevin Zeigler to thank for creating this amazingly bold teaser ad.

We’ve only gotten started…