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Latest ADVANCE comic review!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Hey All,

Here is the latest advance comic book review I wrote for Writer Joshua Williamson was kind enough to send me advance copies of his new comic XENOHOLICS that debuts Oct. 19th through Image Shadowline.

You can read the review here.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Hey All,

I just wanted to update you on the status of my first OGN – DEATH TAX. If you’ve missed it, I was posting the progress on the book at

As much as it pains me to say, I had to terminate work with the original artist. To avoid a complicated and messy explanation, it’s best to say that it was time to move on.

The good news is that the amazingly talented J.C. Grande has signed on to complete the project. We’ve already completed the first five pages and had his replacement approved by the publisher!

I’ve attached a sneak peek at the new first page (unlettered). Enjoy!


Friday, September 9th, 2011

Hey All,

I just wanted to show you the final cover with logo for my next pitch. I also want to introduce my new artist Alex Diotto. He’s an extremely talented guy all the way from Italy that has the drive and passion to break into creator-owned comics. He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with and at 19, demonstrates the highest level of professionalism that I’ve ever seen.

I’d also like to thank my logo designer Kevin Dazet. It was no small task to design something that would fit within Riley Rossmo‘s awesomeness.

If we can get this new one through the door, I have no doubt Mr. Diotto is gonna be the next big thing.

I’ll have more announcements and previews about this project as we get closer to New York Comic Con.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, September 5th, 2011

Hey All!

Apologies for the delayed update. This past week post-FanExpo has been stupid busy. I recently lost an artist on a pitch that was 85% complete. Having to start over at square one with six weeks until NYCC sucks.

BUT! Being the resourceful guy that I am, within two days of losing my original artist, I locked in a new one, and he’s blazing through the pages. Character sketches are already done and I should be seeing layouts in the next day or two. I can’t wait to share who this new super talent is.

If we can get this new pitch through the door, he’s gonna be someone to look out for.

As far as FanExpo, my artist Vic Malhotra and I got to pitch to THE Eric Stephenson! He didn’t say no, and in fact did say, “This looks good, do I have your contact info?” We proudly showed him the nice credit design on the interior cover. All thanks to amazing book designer Matt Battaglia! So things remain positive for the Sleepwalker pitch. I’ll keep you posted if we hear back.

ANYWAY! I wanted to share a few photos from FanExpo. I had the opportunity to hang out with the majority of the Image creators that attended. I’m missing a photo of team Skullkickers and Team 27. There were several other creators I forgot to take a photo with such as Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh from Murder Book. I’ll be sure to grab them if I can at NYCC. Enjoy!

The Image Booth (and sadly to say, the ONLY publisher at FanExpo)!

From left to right: Riley Rossmo, Dennis Hopeless, Scott Kowalchuk, and Vic Malhotra (who snuck in).

The Intrepids Team! Scott Kowalchuk and Kurtis Wiebe!

Team Green Wake! Riley Rossmo and Kurtis Wiebe!

Me and W. Scott Forbes!