Skinning Layers (Please RT!)

Thursday, March 14th, 2013


Hey All!

I have yet another series in the works, and wanted to share this dynamite of a cover by the talented Joshua Gowdy. This is another co-created effort with my partner in crime Tim Daniel entitled SKINNED.

At its core, the series is about two star-crossed lovers living in an archaic future city that believe reality is a disease. Separated by a societal caste system, an heiress and a boy from the slums manage to find each other in a world that has given citizens the ability to choose from a multitude of realities via ocular lenses. Their struggle: Never losing site of each other in this ever changing landscape.

We’re closing in on wrapping up the pitch, and then it’s off to the submissions races!

Feel free to like the project’s Facebook page for updates and first-look access at the production of the series.


6 comments on “Skinning Layers (Please RT!)

  1. Andrew says:

    Perfect cover to go with that concept. The projects you’ve been posting about lately all look pretty awesome. Is there a digital version for Cobble Hill or Southern dog yet? I dig the Process, but haven’t really got a chance to read any of your guys stuff except for Kurtis. I’d love to check it out. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Jeremy Holt says:

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew! Really appreciate the kind words.

      To answer your question: Yes and no. Both of my books are available, but only through the 215 Ink site at the moment. I’m hoping they’ll be available through Comixology soon-ish.

      If you want, I’d be happy to email you PDF copies if you like.

      Take care,

  2. Jeremy Holt says:

    Hey Andrew! Cobble Hill #1 is now available on Comixology for 99 cents!

  3. awesome– i love this artwork! love the colors and the subtlety.. especially that tiny fang.

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