The Ultimate “IT” Girl.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


Research can come in all forms. If you ask my girlfriend, she’d adamantly oppose the reliance on wikipedia and the interwebs. She tells me everyday that good ol’ fashion library digging has the most accurate source material from which to reference. I won’t argue with her on that.

But when it goes beyond fact checking; when it comes to referencing actual characters that go beyond aesthetics, there is no better place than the internet. Currently, I’m examining a woman that continues to fascinate people today. This enigma is Edie Sedgwick–made famous by Andy Warhol.

Everything I read–and especially WATCH–about her is absolutely fascinating. She is an extremely strong influence for a character that I’ve been developing with W. Scott Forbes for a series that he’s been contemplating for almost a decade. I feel fortunate that he felt comfortable with inviting me into this world of his, and I’ve been electrified with a bold new story that we’re excited to reveal to you soon.

This short clip below encapsulates the essence of our character Ava Kelly, who is featured in our miniseries Sycophants.


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