Friday, July 15th, 2011

When it comes to comic books, nothing is perfect. Sure, there will be perfect panels here, amazing layouts there, but ask any comic book artist and they’ll admit to seeing flaws in their work. And I’m talking about the ones that see their work consistently published.

I wanted to share with you the progression of the cover art for my first graphic novel. It still surprises me when I think about the first time I saw the first cover concept by the talented David James Cole. I was blown away. That was until I saw it get refined and polished months later. You can check out David’s work at

As you can see, logo design was a mere afterthought at the very beginning. The temporary logo in the second draft was good, but it clearly didn’t pop. Only when we decided to cut away at the cover with the black borders, did the logo become the crucial part in polishing the overall design. Evidently by the end, it redefined the cover. Props go 100% to my good friend, Kevin Dazet. Check out his brilliance at

The worst thing any creator can do is think they’ve done it perfect the first time. Give yourself room to grow. You might be surprised how big you can really get.

One comment on “THE ART OF PROGRESS

  1. Sara Ramos says:

    Good stuff. I love the new cover.

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